Facing an unprecedented year as a result of the Covid-19 Pandemic, the Forum offered an exclusive Lifetime membership opportunity.  We are honored to recognize the following members who made $2020.00 Lifetime Membership commitment.  Your generous support is greatly appreciated, especially during these challenging times.

Stacie Banack

Lindsay Bolner

Carla Brozovich

Caroline Carrington

Monica Castillo

Sarah Trampota Conquest

Ann Cross

Meg Dawson

Camille Denton

Gloria Dilley

Nancy Finney

Kelly Wade Fry

Adrianna Grossman

Triana Grossman

Helen Groves

Patricia Houston

Kathryn Mays Johnson

Cynthia Kerby

Jean Lee

Kim Lewis

Rhonda Low

Amelita Mauzé

Peggy Pitman Mays

Ana Leah Montemayor

Laura Moorman

Bonnie Muecke

Emilie Petty

Micki Philbin

Callie Price

Corinna Richter

Stacy Schlagel

Daniela Serna

Emily Skillman

Megan Steves

Amy Swaney

Kristin Tips

Mary West Traylor

Jill Vassar

AnaPaula Watson

Melissa Wiggins

Karen Lee Zachry

Allison Zeller