Local high school students tour Texas Biomed.
Local high school students tour Texas Biomed.

Each year, the Forum sends an invitation and application to principals and teachers of high school science classes in San Antonio and the surrounding areas to tour the internationally renowned facilities of Texas Biomed. However, due to COVID-19, we are currently unable to host on-site tours, so the 2020-21 tours have been moved online.

Texas Biomed and the Forum are offering some unique online resources and opportunities to host Zoom discussions with Texas Biomed scientists.

Take a virtual tour of the Institute or invite a scientist to the classroom. Virtual talks will be granted on a first come, first serve basis by filling out this application.

The tour of San Antonio’s biomedical research jewel exposes these bright young students to the exciting possibilities of a career in the sciences in STEM.


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Student Tour Dates

Available Tour Dates for 2021

  • February 12 and 19
  • March 5
  • April 16

Tours are scheduled from 9:00 to 11:00 a.m. They are limited to a total of 35 participants. Bus transportation is required to enter campus.

For questions, email Forum.Outreach@txbiomed.org

Texas Biomedical Research Institute
8715 W. Military Dr.
San Antonio, Texas 78227
Map Available


High School Student Tour Details

Following a warm welcome by Institute staff and Forum representatives, the students are treated to a video presentation offering an overview of the Institute, a peek into its research laboratories, and interviews with Texas Biomed scientists about their life-saving work on some of the world’s most serious infectious diseases.

After the video, Texas Biomed scientists will present about his or her ongoing research project. Students not only learn more about a particular disease and the innovative ways local researchers are trying to defeat it, but they can also ask the scientists why and how they began their careers and what the daily work of a scientist is like. Students will have the opportunity to learn about a wide array of topics including: Hemorrhagic fevers like Ebola virus, bacterial diseases such as Tuberculosis and parasitic diseases like Malaria and Schistosomiasis. Animal caretakers, behaviorists and veterinarians also present about their professions and the animals they care for.

Institute staff and Forum volunteers will then guide the students through the Texas Biomed campus. The students will get a chance to see the SNPRC, Southwest National Primate Research Center. Only one of seven in the entire United States, the SNPRC holds 2,500 nonhuman primates that are helping scientists better understand human health and disease. The SNPRC has retired Chimpanzees, Baboons, Macaques, marmosets and mice, most of which will be seen in the tour.

Truly, the student tours are a fantastic opportunity for area high school students, and a rewarding experience for Forum volunteers. It is a privilege to tour Texas Biomed and see the positive reactions from students, who are usually full of intelligent questions and have a contagious enthusiasm for science.