Previous Forum Gala Themes and Chairs

Gala themes have taken guests all over the world under the creative direction of the following dedicated and talented chairwomen and their hardworking committees.


2019-20 A Starry Night Whitney Schones and Karen Bryant
2018-19 The Night They Invented Champagne Whitney Miller and Cynthia Kerby
2017-18 "Mariposa" Denise Mosser and Nicole McClane
2016-17 "In Bloom" Mrs. Ashley Weaver and Mrs. Molly Drought
2015-16 "The Black and White Masquerade Ball" Mrs. Sara Walker and Mrs. Jody Lutz
2014-15 "Fly Me to the Moon... Let me Play Among the Stars" Mrs. Jordan Arriaga and Mrs. Courtney Percy
2013-14 "La Dolce Vita" Mrs. Daniela Serna and Mrs. Ashley Hixon
2012-13 "La Gloria Havana" Mrs. Melissa Morgan and Mrs. Courtney Duphorne
2011-12 "Diwali Festival of Lights" Mrs. Cathryn Le Vrier and Mrs. Raven Labatt
2010-11 "A Shanghai Affair" Mrs. Clare Flesher and Mrs. Peter Zacher
2009-10 "Esplendores de la Cultura Mexicana" Mrs. David Lloyd and Mrs. Matthew Mosbacker
2008-09 "Out of Africa" Dr. Suzanne Marlar Dabbous and Mrs. David Zachry
2007-08 "Beyond the Sea" Ms. Anne Johnston and Mrs. Marty Heaner
2006-07 "Mystical Living Gardens" Mrs. Terry Gouger and Mrs. Jean Mitchell
2005-06 "Run for the Roses" Mrs. Robert G. Shupbach and Mrs. Luke Kellogg
2004-05 “A Medieval Knight” Mrs. Robert Heydenrich and Mrs. Michael Viola
2003-04 “Broadway Lights” Mrs. Shawn Gulley and Mrs. Robert Rosenthal
2002-03 “Laissez Les Bon Temps Roullez–An Evening in the French Quarter” Mrs. Richard A. Sparr and Mrs. Charles Randall
2001-02 “The East India Trade Company” Mrs. James H. Kent and Mrs. Charles Wright Jr.
2000-01 “Southern Splendors” Mrs. Wade Wise and Mrs. A. H. Cadwallader IV
1999-00 “Baboon Ball–Secrets of the Jungle” Mrs. Harvey Najim and Mrs. Mark Spencer
1998-99 “Back to the Future–the Celebration of the Century” Ms. Hydie Sumner and Mrs. Mario Hernandez
1997-98 “The Orient Express” Mrs. Russell Hill and Mrs. Edward Whitacre
1996-97 "A Secret Garden” Mrs. George E. Mimari and Mrs. Tim Fretthold
1995-96 “Around the World in Eighty Days” Mrs. Bruce A. Smith and Mrs. Mell C. Jacmisskson Jr.
1994-95 “Under the Silver Moon" Mrs. Claiborne B. Gregory Jr. and Mrs. W. Lawrence Walker Jr.
1993-94 “Can't Stop the Music” Mrs. M. David Dennis and Mrs. Jose P. Zollino
1992-93 “A Storybook Evening in the Black Forest” Mrs. Fernando Guerra and Mrs. Richard Morgan
1991-92 “A Yankee Doodle Celebration–Fort Sam Houston Quadrangle” Mrs. Jeff Blanchard and Mrs. Roger C. Hill Jr.
1990-91 “Carnival in Rio” Mrs. John LeFlore and Mrs. Clark Mandigo
1989-90 “Gala Gay Nineties” Mrs. Marvin Pipkin and Mrs. C. Aaron Penaloza
1988-89 “L'esprit de la Cote d'Azur” Mrs. Michael Baucum and Mrs. Greg Kowalski
1987-88 “A Whala of a Gala at Seaworld" Mrs. Richard Azar and Mrs. David B. Daviss
1986-87 "Bayou Blowout" Mrs. Clif Barnhart and Mrs. Goodhue Smith III
1985-86 “Gala Sixteen” Mrs. James Hayne and Mrs. Stanley Rosenberg
1984-85 "Mythical Mischief at the Forum" Mrs. John Beauchamp and Mrs. Dale Wood
1983-84 "An Evening in New York" Mrs. William Gordon and Mrs. Ronald Tietz
1982-83 "Gala in Sherwood Forest" Ms. Earl Fae Eldridge and Mrs. Don Farrimond
1981-82 "Hollywood Follies" Mrs. Tom Benesch and Mrs. Joe Carroll Rust
1980-81 "Sail Away to Fantasy Isle" Mrs. Susan Mathews Loyd and Mrs. T. Hulan Yarbrough
1979-80 "Reflections in a Balloon" Mrs. Minor Huck and Mrs. Charles Roberts
1978-79 "Come with Me to the Cabash" Mrs. Mike Benedum and Mrs. Jack Pitluck
1977-78 "A Journey to Oz" Mrs. Stanton Beil and Mrs. L. Lowry Mays
1976-77 "An Evening at the Palace" Mrs. Ernest Felbaurn and Mrs. Roy McGinnis
1975-76 "Un Bal Masquerade" Mrs. Joe R. McFarlane Jr. and Mrs. Jimmy Satel
1974-75 "Sensational Circus Gala" Mrs. Frank Bond and Ms. Marianna Frost
1973-74 "Gala on the Queen" Mrs. Jimmy Satel and Mrs. George E. Fischer
1972-73 "Mad Hatters Ball" Mrs. Donald Krause and Mrs. Shawn Nelson
1971-72 "Oriental Odyssey" Mrs George Bristol and Mrs. James W. Yancy
1970-71 "Fete Champetre" Mrs. Gus Blocker and Mrs. Lewis Tucker