The Forum

The mission of the Texas Biomedical Forum is to support the Texas Biomedical Research Institute through community relations, volunteer services and fundraising.

Forum Board Trustees
2019-2020 Forum Board Trustees
Forum Board Trustees
2019-2020 Executive Board

2019 – 2020 Board of Trustees

President: Amy Swaney
President-Elect/ VP / Lecture Luncheon: Cynthia Kerby
VP / Gala Chair: Whitney Schones
VP / Gala Co-Chair: Karen Bryant
VP/ Membership: Amelita Mauze
Treasurer: Brooke Meabon
Assistant Treasurer: Audra Kerr
Parliamentarian: Emily Jones
Corresponding Secretary: Emilie Petty
Recording Secretary: Whitney Miller
Past President: Jody Lutz

Communication Chair: Katie Rogers
Communication Assistant: Lauren Pepping
Database Administrator: Courtney Archer
Directory Chair: Emily Sytsma
Directory Assistant: Ashley Friedman
Gala Assistant: Jessica Worth
Gala Table Sales: Bonnie Muecke
Gala Forum Grants: Corrina Richter
Luncheon Assistant: Kristin Tips
Membership Assistant: Rebecca Nathan
Newsletter: Meredith Howard
Newsletter: Angela Rabke
Science Education: Christina Ketabchi
Science Education: Lindsay Bolner
Special Events: Gloria Dilley
Special Events: Triana Grossman
Student Tours Chair: Mary Labatt
Student Tours: Angie Light
Student Tours: Muffin Moorman

Corbett Christie
Terry Gouger
Laura Moorman
Courtney Percy

Tena Gorman
Leslie Hamilton
Karen Mueller
Judy Schlesinger

Forum Board Trustees
2018-2019 Forum Board Trustees
Forum Board Trustees
2018-2019 Executive Board

2018 – 2019 Board of Trustees

President: Jody Lutz
1st VP / Lecture Luncheon: Amy Swaney
2nd VP / Gala Chair: Whitney Miller
3rd VP / Gala Co-Chair: Cynthia Kerby
4th VP/Membership: Karen Bryant
Treasurer: Stephanie Dick
Assistant Treasurer: Brooke Meabon
Parliamentarian: Elizabeth Cox
Corresponding Secretary: Ashley Weaver
Recording Secretary: Emily Jones
Past President: Courtney Percy

Social Media: Hayley Conger
Public Relations: Kristin Tipps
Digitizer/Historian: Kim Johnson
Directory: Courtney Archer
Directory Assistant: Kelly Fry
Gala Assistant: Whitney Schones
Gala Table Sales: Audra Kerr
Forum Grants: Corinna Richter
Luncheon Assistant: Nicole McClane
Membership Assistant: Amelita Mauze
Newsletter: Rebecca Nathan
Newsletter: Lauren Pepping
Science Education: Heather de Rojas
Science Education: Christina Ketabachi
Special Events: Emilie Petty
Special Events: Mallory Moorman
Student Tours: Mary Labatt
Student Tours: Amy Maverick
Logistics: Sarah Trampota Conquest
Website Liaison: Emily Sytsma

Amanda Bezner
Corbett Christie
Terry Gouger
Melissa Morgan

Leslie Hamilton
Judy Schlesinger

Forum Board Trustees
2017-2018 Forum Board Trustees
2017-2018 Forum Executive Board
2017-2018 Forum Executive Board

2017 – 2018 Board of Trustees


  • President – Courtney Percy
  • 1st Vice President Lecture Luncheon – Jody Lutz
  • 2nd Vice President Gala Chair – Denise Mosser
  • 3rd Vice President Gala Co-Chair – Nicole McClane
  • 4th Vice President Membership – Ashley Weaver
  • Treasurer – Amy Swaney
  • Assistant Treasurer – Stephanie Dick
  • Parliamentarian – Emilie Petty
  • Recording Secretary – Amy Garcia
  • Corrresponding Secretary – Elizabeth Cox
  • Immediate Past President – Daniela Serna


  • Digitizer/Historian – Sarah Trampota
  • Directory – Kelly Wade Fry
  • Directory Assistant – Hayley Conger
  • Forum Grants – Cynthia Kerby
  • Gala Assistant – Carey Hildebrand
  • Gala Table Sales – Emily Jones
  • Logistics – Jessica Berg
  • Luncheon Assistant – Whitney Miller
  • Membership Assistant – Molly Drought
  • Newsletter – Kim Johnson & Rebecca Nathan
  • Social Media – Brooke Meabon
  • Public Relations – Audra Kerr
  • Photographer – Nicole McClane
  • Science Education – Heather de Rojas & Amy Maverick
  • Special Events – Adrianne Frost & Mallory Moorman
  • Student Tours – Courtney Archer & Amelita Mauze
  • Website Liaison – Karen Bryant


  • Amanda Bezner
  • Kathryn Dehlinger
  • Lisa Sechler


  • Leslie Hamilton
  • Judy Schlesinger